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EU Release Date: September 2014
Total play time: Unlimited
Platform: 3DS

Curtain Call Cover Art
The cracking Final Fantasy rhythm game is back and this time, it means business.
I completely loved the first Theatrhythm game and, other than adding more songs, I didn’t see how it could be improved. However, they’ve managed it.

Although the basic gameplay remains the same as the first game (hit the triggers, score points), and the music stages are in the same format ( Battle Music Sequence (BMS); Field Music Sequence (FMS); and Event Music Sequence (EMS)), the scenarios in which you play have been completely overhauled. The Chaos Shrine and Series modes have been replaced with Quests, giving you far more varied playlists in differing lengths to work through. The nice thing about the Quests is that they allow for easier access to crystal shards used for unlocking new characters.