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I love that it is grid based even though it is 3D. The customisable avatar is pretty cool and the graphics are awesome for the console.
The voices are a little annoying in between the cutscenes, but the myriad options let you turn that off if you want. In fact, there are loads of options. There is a choice of difficulty, a choice of gameplay mode, an abundance of options for customising your gameplay experience.
Having played previous Fire Emblem games (perhaps I ought to review those too?), I would have thought I would do better than three attempts at the first battle.
I’m starting to wish that I hadn’t opted to play this game on Hard mode. Since the options were Beginner, Hard or Expert, I figured Hard would be fine. Turns out, no. I also opted to play on Classic mode, where dead units stay dead. To give myself a fighting chance at completing the game I started again on Newcomer mode.

Full Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Compared to Final Fantasy XIII, this game is great. They’ve lost the linear gameplay and reintroduced so many of the elements that I felt were missing from XIII. There are puzzles to solve, side missions to complete and a sort of world map to explore – all of which seemed to be lacking in the first game.
Unfortunately, the random encounters are back, but luckily, you have a chance to run away before entering into a battle. However, I still much prefer the way XIII showed you all the enemies.
The battle system seems largely the same as XIII and I still don’t like it. At least with the battle system from Final Fantasy XII it was up to you to determine the conditions under which actions were triggered.
The tactics side has changed somewhat though, with an entirely new way to upgrade your skills and equip items. Monsters now fight alongside you and you can unlock all paradigm roles almost immediately.
It’s more of a Final Fantasy game than XIII was, but the story doesn’t feel continuous to me – too much has changed. Perhaps this is something I’ll change my mind about once I’ve played it a bit longer…

Full Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Rating: 6.5 stars
EU Release Date: Feb 23, 2007 (for PlayStation 2)
Total play time: 120:00:00 (approx.)

FFXII Cover ArtYou’re a wounded soldier fighting to save his King and country from an invading empire. You’re the last of the resistance forces. You fight the enemy bravely alongside famous knight Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg, battling to reach your king before it is too late. Basch encourages you, teaches you everything you need to know and gets you to the monarch safely. And then kills him. And you. Bummer.

The story of FFXII centres on the Kingdom of Dalmasca, invaded and taken over by the Archadian Empire two years ago. The game’s protagonist, a teenage boy named Vaan, is an orphan, his brother killed by a traitor captain in the war. Spurred on by dreams of becoming a sky pirate, Vaan rebels against the Archadian Empire and finds himself and his friend Penelo caught up in a battle that could change the fate of the entire continent of Ivalice. Along the way, he meets dashing sky pirate Balthier and his moody partner Fran, the traitor Basch himself and the rightful Princess of Dalmasca, Ashe, who is supposed to have killed herself after the war. Together, they fight to see the Kingdom of Dalmasca freed from Archadia‚Äôs rule. There are plenty of twists in the story along the way and nothing is ever quite as it initially seems.