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EU Release Date: July 6, 2012
Total play time: Unlimited
Platforms: 3DS, iOS

Theatrhythm Cover ArtI completely love this game. When I first heard about it, I got really excited and immediately downloaded the demo from the Nintendo eShop. If you’ve not played it, I highly recommend giving the demo a go – you’ve got nothing to lose.

Basically, Theatrhythm is a rhythm game based on the music from the Final Fantasy series. There are three categories of play: Series, Challenge and Chaos Shrine. Series mode features a series of three songs from one of the first thirteen main series games (have I used the word “series” enough yet?), one in each of the three play modes, which I’ll come to in a minute. Challenge mode lets you pick any song you’ve unlocked (or purchased, in the case of DLC) and as well as being able to play it, you can also practice playing it. And Chaos Shrine is both available as single player and co-operative multiplayer which contains some of the trickiest music sequences in the game.