Final Fantasy Series

I may as well admit it: I am a bit of a Final Fantasy nerd. After watching my dad play Final Fantasy VII, I remember reenacting parts with my friends in the school playground. Of course, I was too young to have any idea what the story was about and he never finished the first disc, let alone the game, but the seeds of Final Fantasy nerdery were sown. It wasn’t until I saw Advent Children in 2007 that I really got hooked, but once it caught me…
Since I’ve been trying to get as many reviews up on this blog as possible, I figured Final Fantasy was as good a starting point as any – especially given that I’ve already got a few done.
So here they are: all my Final Fantasy reviews.

Main Series & Sequels
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2
– Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Other Games
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Hopefully, I can get some more up as soon as possible – I have a huge stack of games waiting to be played and not a lot of time to play, but fingers crossed!

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