Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Posted: July 14, 2017 in Console Games
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Final Fantasy XII

EU Release Date: 11 July, 2017
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Total play time: 02:01:00 (Chapter One)

Final Fantasy XII is my favourite game of the series. I love the characters, the story, the soundtrack… Everything. The remastered version keeps everything I loved about the game with a few improvements.

My favourite part of XII’s gameplay was the gambit system, a user-defined series of if-then statements (e.g. If HP falls below 20%,  then use a potion) that allow you to customise the behaviour of your team. My only problem with it was the pace of the battles, a problem solved by a fast-forward mode that significantly speeds up the action.

Another change is the job system. You level up characters using License Points to unlock new stats or equipment. While in the original game, all characters ended up with more or less the same stats by the time you were finished, in The Zodiac Age you choose a job for each character, limiting the stats and equipment available to them. It makes for a more interesting game and definitely makes you think harder about your gambits.

There is also a new Trial Mode in which your party must battle through 100 levels full of increasingly powerful enemies and a New Game+.

Without going back to my PS2, it’s difficult to say exactly how much better this version is than the original, but I can say for certain that it is just as good as I remember it – and isn’t that what you want from a remaster?


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