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Rating: 4 Stars
EU Release Date: Apr 15, 2014 (for 3DS)

Cover ArtConception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a turn-based RPG in which you play as a teenage boy named Wake Archus who needs to make all his female classmates pregnant in order to defeat some monsters. Despite the completely creepy concept, this game is actually quite fun, once you get to the action.

Basically, Wake is at a school training specially chosen students for their abilities to combat monsters who form in ‘Dusk Circles’. Wake chooses a heroine to enter the Dusk Circles with him and, to help them battle the monsters, they ‘Classmate’ to create ‘Star Children’. You take three teams of tiny, annoying Star Children, who constantly beset you with creepy questions (“Daddy, will you marry me?”) into the Dusk Circles and then use a variety of strategic attacks and skills to defeat a bunch of monsters.

In order to create the Star Children, Wake has to chat up the ladies. The thing is, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a jerk towards them, they’ll still ‘classmate’ with you. Having only played the demo, I’m not going to comment on the overall story or if being a dick to the girls affects you in anyway (although I suspect not). Apparently, there are several different endings to the game, involving Wake finally picking just one girl to sleep with marry… or keep shagging all of them.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is available to download as a demo from the Nintendo eShop and for PS Vita.

EU Release Date: Apr 4, 2013 (for 3DS)

Witch and HeroIs it just me, or is this game dumb? Witch and Hero is an 8-bit style action game with a rubbish witch and a worse hero. The aim of the game is to stop waves upon waves of enemies from attacking the witch, who has been turned to stone. The trouble is, the hero is useless. To defeat the enemies, you just bump into them. There’s no animation of the hero using his sword or shield and every time he attacks, he also takes damage, meaning it’s impossible to pass a level without the hero ‘fainting’. While you wait for the hero to revive, the enemies are busy breaking the stone witch. If you manage to get past stage four (it took me twelve tries and I was level fifteen by that time), the witch “will resurrection” (that’s actually what the game says) and you can use her powers for a brief time to try to defeat the masses of enemies.

I was actually put off this game by the very first line in the intro – “A long long ago”. Not only is the game play bad (there is absolutely no strategy involved, you’ve just got to hope that the enemies attack in a formation you can handle), but the grammar and spelling are awful too.

If I’m honest, the only thing this game has in its favour is that it is probably going to be long. Really, really long. So, if you’re looking for something to do for the next sixty-three years and you don’t mind brain-melting monotony, by all means give this game a try. If you’re looking for fun, try anything else.

Full Review: Black Flag (2013)

I’m playing these games in entirely the wrong order – but it’s working for me. I started with Rogue, in which you’re not really an assassin at all, but the enemy. Now, I’m a pirate. And I love it. I mean, bombing around the North Atlantic sinking French ships was great, but now… Now I can sink whoever I like. Edward Kenway is, quite frankly, a complete bastard, but I like him. The characters are great – some nods to real life pirates – the music is fantastic and the language… Well, they are very rude.

In comparison to Rogue… This game already seems stronger. Yeah, Shay was far more likeable, since he was doing the right thing and Edward’s only out for himself. The animations are much the same – identical in some places, as are a few of the maps. And there is a multiplayer mode… but I don’t play well with others, so I’m ignoring it.

Full Review: Black Flag (2013)