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I love that it is grid based even though it is 3D. The customisable avatar is pretty cool and the graphics are awesome for the console.
The voices are a little annoying in between the cutscenes, but the myriad options let you turn that off if you want. In fact, there are loads of options. There is a choice of difficulty, a choice of gameplay mode, an abundance of options for customising your gameplay experience.
Having played previous Fire Emblem games (perhaps I ought to review those too?), I would have thought I would do better than three attempts at the first battle.
I’m starting to wish that I hadn’t opted to play this game on Hard mode. Since the options were Beginner, Hard or Expert, I figured Hard would be fine. Turns out, no. I also opted to play on Classic mode, where dead units stay dead. To give myself a fighting chance at completing the game I started again on Newcomer mode.