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EU Release Date: Aug 21, 2015 (for Steam)

Cover ArtIn Between is a puzzle-solving game driven by its story. The protagonist is a man dying from cancer – not a subject often touched on by video games. The game is currently available on Steam, but may be released for Android and iOS later in the year.

EU Release Date: Feb 3, 2012 (for Xbox 360)
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Total play time: 55:52:00 (story mode)

Cover ArtAfter the disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIII, I did not have high hopes for XIII-2, especially given the negative reviews I’ve heard from other fans. While the story in XIII was good, the gameplay was dull: no problem solving, barely any free roam and battles that even the worst tactician could manage. It was a good game, but it wasn’t a Final Fantasy.

So, we join up again with Lightning and watch her battle with some purple-haired guy named Caius who seems to turn into Bahamut. Then we have a go at fighting him too before we meet Noel Kreiss. She sends him to look for Serah. And that’s pretty much all we see of her for the next fifty hours. Aside from the odd encounter with the characters from XIII, the story doesn’t follow on at all. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not a good story – it’s just not a good sequel.

Instead, we’re now following Lightning’s sister Serah and the mysterious Noel, who falls out of the sky and into New Bodhum where they meet three years after the fall of Cocoon (3AF). Even stranger is the fact that apparently, in this world, Lightning is dead – a part of the crystal pillar holding up Cocoon. Only Serah remembers Lightning surviving and she sets out to bring her sister home with Noel’s help. Noel, meanwhile, has demons of his own to contend with in the form of Caius and Yeul. Together, Noel and Serah save the world by jumping through time to a number of familiar (and some unfamiliar) places.