Mobius Final Fantasy (2016) Review

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Mobile Games, Reviews
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Worldwide Release Date: August 3, 2016 (for Android)

Screenshot EDIT (14.8.16): Seeing a lot of connectivity issues at the moment. An update had been released, but is it going to fix the problem for anyone? It didn’t work for me. (Review follows)

I’m not a big mobile gamer. This is probably something to do with my dislike of smartphones. But I’m a sucker for Final Fantasy games and so when I got the email about Mobius Final Fantasy, I had to return to my phone to give it a go.

The story seems somewhat similar to the first Final Fantasy game – at least what I remember of it. Your character is the Warrior of Light and it’s your job to save the world, called Palamecia in this game. Along the way, we meet some familiar characters – Princess Sara of Cornelia, who I suspect we’ll have to save at some point; Mog, the lovable moogle; a whole bunch of recognisable enemies and some shifty looking guy in armour called Garland… Now, why do I have a bad feeling about him?

The gameplay is fairly simple when put at its most basic; tap the screen to attack. Of course, there are tactics that make it a little more complicated, including the elemental affinities (fire beats water, wind beats earth etc.) and a ‘break’ system, similar to the one in Dissidia or the stagger system in XIII. Beat the break gauge and suddenly the enemies are a lot easier to damage.

Like other Final Fantasy games, there is a job system. You start with a basic version of each job (melee, magic and ranged) and can use a basic attack with each of them. Special attacks are activated through a deck of cards, which are gained by defeating enemies or completing special tasks in the game. To use the attacks, you collect elemental ‘seeds’ from attacking enemies. Each ability requires a set number of seeds to activate, but once you have enough, you can unleash a powerful attack.

Of course, the major downside of the game is that it is episodic, so nearly every time you log in, you’re faced with a 200MB odd download before you can start playing and once you reach the end of the chapter, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait for the next part. The game has been around in Japan for a bit over a year, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. Replaying the same few battles over and over is bound to get dull eventually!

All in all, I’m rather enjoying this game at the moment. I’ll admit, I’ve only been playing a few days, so perhaps I will change my mind after a week of solid grinding.

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