Windows 10 Revisited

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Articles, Uncategorized
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You would think, that after spending a little more time with Windows 10, I would have gotten used to it. It turns out, no. I’ve grown to hate it more. And I now have a more definitive answer to the question “Should you upgrade to Windows 10?”

No. Absolutely not.

See, the more I used Windows 10, the more I found to dislike about it. For starters, there is still very little official help out there when you’re trying to find solutions to problems. Nine times out of ten, I end up on YouTube, watching unofficial videos to solve my issues.

The, there are two places where you find settings. There’s an app for settings and there is the old Control Panel. Guessing which one you want can be a bit of a pain, especially when you get pinged back and forth between the app and desktop windows.

But what really pisses me off is the updates.

I loathe updates. I hate them on hosted services. I hate them on my Android phone and I especially hate them on Windows 10. See, you don’t get to choose which updates it installs and when. You just have to sit down and accept them. This is particularly irritating if you are a non-administrator user and connected to Wi-Fi using a metered connection – as a non-admin user, you cannot tell Windows that your connection is metered and so it just downloads all the updates, costing you a lot of money in data charges. Great.

The only way you can avoid updates is to disconnect from the internet. There is no other way (even if you do manage to find “Updates” in the Settings menus). You cannot choose to reject individual updates either. It’s all or nothing with Windows 10 and, frankly, I would prefer nothing.

Sadly, taking my device offline also renders it useless.

I have two Windows 10 devices at present. Kind of. One is a rather decrepit old Acer 5338 and the other is a tiny Asus transformer book (no idea what model and can’t be arsed to look – but it’s less than 3 months old). I say I kind of have two Windows 10 devices because neither of them currently work. The Acer is stuck in a BlueScreen loop (no help at all on the Windows sites for this issue) and the other has graphics issues caused by a recent update that reinstalls itself every time I uninstall it. Every. Single. Time.

What’s more, the Asus also has a tiny C: Drive, because of the way it works as a tablet as well as a laptop. Sadly, this means that while it is installing updates, you cannot use it or it because sluggish and overloaded and while it is offline, you can’t access your files since cloud storage is vital with such a device.

So what about Windows 10 on a desktop?

Sod that for a game of soldiers. I only have one working computer left now and if you think I’m going to risk my sanity by ditching my lovely, reliable, Windows 7 experience for something migraine-inducingly infuriating, you can go spit into the wind for all I care.

Is Windows 10 the future?  Maybe. Maybe it’s brilliant on specific devices. Maybe it’s deliberately reducing our reliance on technology. Or maybe it’s just s**t.

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