Tuesday Tunes: AVALANCHE (FFVII rap remix, 2011)

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Articles, Music
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So this isn’t strictly from a game soundtrack, but you’ve got to admit, this is awesome! This week’s tune is a rap remix of some of the tracks from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. It’s called “AVALANCHE” and it’s by Random (Mega Ran) and Lost Perception. Check it out!

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Mega Ran

This is really not my kind of music at all, but there’s a special kind of genius about these remixes that I just love. I suppose it helps that FFVII was the first game soundtrack I actually listened to outside of the context of its game. If you’re a fan of FFVII, but not rap, I’d still still give it a listen – or check out some of the other tracks listed on their sites. The world needs more of this!

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