Heroes of Ruin (2012) Review

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Handhelds, Reviews
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Rating: 3.5
EU Release Date: June 15, 2012 (for Nintendo 3DS)
Total play time: 10:00:00 (story mode)

Heroes of Ruin Cover ArtHere’s a multiplayer RPG from Square Enix that also works as a single player game for those who don’t play well with others. You pick a character from one of four vaguely customisable species and then you run around in some dungeons killing stuff. So far, so good.

There’s a vague storyline too. You play a mercenary who is trying to help the people of a city called Nexus find a cure for their dying ruler, the sphinx Ataraxis. You choose to play multiplayer or not, fight the monsters and find the cure. Everyone goes home happy. And here’s where it starts to fall apart. All the supporting characters seem to blend into one – I can’t say that I cared much for any of them. I was only trying to save their city to kill some time and even that grew tedious after a little while. Less than halfway through the game, I’d maxed out my inventory and my coins – you can’t sell stuff if you’ve got too many coins and you can’t buy stuff if your inventory is full. And the levels themselves were pretty easy – mash B and move forwards until you reach the boss. Done.

Actually, the boss level was considerably harder than the rest of the game – disproportionately harder. If you’re playing solo, you’re probably going to be grinding here for the rest of the year. Playing online makes it a little easier until you reach the boss itself, at which point the game seemed to develop an annoying glitch that basically made everyone invulerable, forcing you to exit the level and replay from the last checkpoint (three times). Then you win, the credits roll and there’s a little cutscene hinting at a sequel.

One of the most irritating things about this game is the Valor system by which you can purchase the game’s best items. You complete challenges for valor points and trade them for equipment. The trouble with it is that you need a Square Enix Account (one of the most difficult accounts to regain access to if you lose your password), which lets you onto the Heroes of Ruin website. Then, you need to link your account with your 3DS via a numerical or QR code. If the website lets you see the QR code, which I’ve heard it often doesn’t, then the chances are that your DS won’t recognise it and when you input the numerical code… well, I’ve no idea what happens then. The website didn’t give me one of those. That’s as far as I managed to get with regards to valor – nowhere. No daily challenges and no valor for me.

The soundtrack to the game is okay – it’s not one I’d rush out to buy (if you can buy it – I’ve not come across it), but as background music, it does the job. The graphics are okay. They’re really not spectacular and I don’t think they’ll stand the test of time, but you can mostly see what’s going on. The controls are pretty easy to master and it’s not a difficult game to play, so long as your only goal is to reach the finish as quickly as possible. Overall, it fits its genre and if RPGs are your bag, definitely give this one a try – there’s a free demo on the Nintendo e-shop.

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