NieR 2 Trailer?

Posted: August 8, 2015 in Trailers
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So apparently this happened at E3. And nobody told me about it. I think Nier is one of my favourite games ever and if they’re seriously releasing a sequel, I’m going to be very happy. *Please don’t let me be dreaming. Please don’t let me be dreaming.*

The quality isn’t the best (I’ll link another if I find a better one) and I’m sure it’s a prank (come on, they’re promising me a FFVII remake, a new Tomb Raider and a Nier sequel in the same year? I don’t think so.), but it’s enough to pique my interest, so check it out!

The game is supposed to be being developed by PlatinumGames exclusively for PS4 (I still don’t have a next-gen console, so this might swing it). There’s some interesting looking screenshots here too. They’ve also said it’s being designed with the female members of its audience in mind. Creator Taro Yoko says that the game will have a happy ending (presumably because it won’t delete your entire save file once you’re done) and that Emil will make an appearance, but not as a main character. Good stuff.

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