Initial Thoughts: Curtain Call – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (2014)

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Initial Thoughts
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Being a huge fan of the music of Final Fantasy, I loved the first Theatrhythm game so much, but this one is so much better. Compared to Theatrhythm’s 40 or so tracks, the 200+ included in Curtain Call feel unending and with extra songs still being released as DLC, it’s going to take me much longer to get through them all.

In fact, as well as the vastly increased amount of levels, there are many other improvements to this game. The reward system is simpler and unlocking new characters is much easier. The Chaos Shrine has been replaced by Quest Medley – a much longer, more varied version of the random, mystery playlist. The Series mode is gone completely, but there is a Versus mode with several play options: online, local and AI.
Basically, the perfect game for any Final Fantasy fan but also good for casual gamers and people who like rhythm games.

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